Executive Committee


Bo Ra Kim
Executive Committee Chair


176 Bo Ra is a Jack Kent Cooke Scholar studying environmental economics and music composition at Bates College. She is originally from South Korea and moved to the United States in 1998. She first got involved with the SSC when she attended Virginia Sprog 2007. Since then, she has been to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP16) in Cancun, Mexico with the SSC, has been a co-chair of the International Working Group, and was a trainer at Louisiana Sprog 2011. This is her third term on the SSC Executive Committee. Outside of the SSC, she is a co-president of the Bates Energy Action Movement (BEAM) and is the concert mistress of the Bates Orchestra. When not organizing, Bo Ra loves cooking, baking, eating good food, and anything to do with music!


Joseph Manning
Council of Club Leaders Delegate


194 Joseph is a native of Oviedo, FL and a Senior, Presidential Scholar at Boston College where he is pursuing a degree in political science and environmental studies. Joseph is currently serving out his third term on the national governing body of the Sierra Student Coalition (SSC), the student lead branch of the Sierra Club, where he serves as Chairman. Joseph has attended the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen, Denmark; Cancun, Mexico; Durban, South Africa and Doha, Qatar with the Sierra Club. At the UN, Joseph tracked the progress of the negotiations and met with members of the US State Department to ensure that the needs of young people are taken into account during the treaty process. Furthermore, during the negotiations, Joseph engaged with other Chinese youth in order to show that despite differences, cooperation towards a just and legally binding climate treaty is possible. In 2010 Joseph served as the Florida State Coordinator of Show Me Democracy (SMD). SMD is a student run organization committed to achieving the passage of comprehensive climate change legislation. As State Coordinator, Joseph brought together a coalition of businesses, religious groups, student and veteran organizations that represented 5000 Florida voters. Additionally, Joseph has conducted research on the role community plays in the development of renewable energy infrastructure in Nova Scotia, Canada. This research was presented in April 2012 at the ACC Meeting of the Minds Undergraduate Research Conference in Blacksburg, VA. When not organizing Joseph loves to sing, hang out with friends, read, and eat ice cream!


Sophia Hoffacker
Communications Coordinator


174 Sophia was born in Port Huron, Michigan, raised in Washington, DC, and currently lives in Burlington, Vermont. She is a first year student at the University of Vermont pursuing a B.A. in Environmental Studies. She got involved in the SSC as a high school student after attending Maryland Sprog in 2011. Since then, Sophia has been involved in the Campaigns Committee and the Trainings Committee on Curriculum and Development teams. Sophia has also trained at Detroit Sprog in 2012 and Baltimore Sprog in 2013, and will be presenting an original training at Powershift 2013. She took a gap year between high school and college, during which she interned at Long Branch Environmental Education Center in Leicester, North Carolina, and volunteered at a Women’s Empowerment Center in New Delhi, India. Sophia is currently involved with UVM’s Student Climate Culture campus group. Other than organizing and empowering youth leaders, Sophia loves cooking, travelling, and being in the mountains.


Jahdiel Torres Cabá
Anti-Oppression Committee Liaison


177 Jahdiel Torres Cabá was born and grew up in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. He got involved with the Sierra Student Coalition (SSC) in 2008, after achieving a BS degree in Biology in Puerto Rico. The same year he attended Puerto Rico SProg. Jahdiel has since been an active member of the SSC’s Trainings Committee and Campaign Committee. In addition, he got involved in the International Working Group (IWG) of the Sierra Club (SC) by participating in the United Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC/COP) in Doha, Qatar. Currently, he serves as the IWG Co-chair and Executive Committee member of the SSC. Jahdiel is pursuing a Master’s degree in Conservation Biology at Antioch University New England. He interested to work in conservation issues and seed dispersal dynamics in tropical forests. When not working on his thesis and organizing, Jahdiel spends his time hiking, practicing yoga, drinking coffee or tea, and hanging out with friends.


Kelsey Crane
Campaigns Committee Liaison


195 Kelsey Crane got started with Sierra Student Coalition in 2011 by attending Southeast Sprog, otherwise known as the “best week of my life”. After Sprog, she return to Florida Atlantic University, where she studied Ecology and GIS, with the organizing tools and confidence to rebuild an unfocused student environmental action group and join Florida YES Coalition, a state network of youth activists. Working with the Florida YES Coalition on the Political Action committee, Kelsey helped spread the message that students are concerned about climate change and environmental injustice and demand our elected officials confront these issues. In August 2012, she graduated and moved these passions from South Florida to Washington D.C. to intern with the Sierra Student Coalition. While working in the National Campaign Office, she supported SSC operations and students running Divestment and Campuses Beyond Coal campaigns to confront dirty energy on their own campuses. Recently elected to the SSC’s Executive Committee, Kelsey will spend the next year to continuing to build the SSC as a strong, diverse youth organization leading the transition into a better, cleaner future. When she’s not fighting for social and environmental justice, Kelsey enjoys playing in the garden, cooking vegan food, hiking in the woods, music festivals, and watching documentaries.


Tyler Offerman
Leadership Committee Liaison


196 Tyler is a native of Fort Myers, Florida and graduated with a BA in Political Science and a BA in Environmental Studies from Florida Gulf Coast University. He currently lives in Lexington, Kentucky and works as a Community Organizer with the Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition (KSEC). Tyler began organizing in Florida with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) around the modern-day slavery and human-trafficking of agricultural workers as well as around energy and electoral issues with the Southern Energy Network (SEN). While at FGCU, Tyler pressured administration to recognize and support fair-wages and human rights for Florida agricultural workers, the development and construction of the student-ran FGCU Food Forest and co-created the student organization FGCU Students for Environmental Justice. Tyler has worked with the Sierra Student Coalition since 2010 and has directed 2 of their Summer Training Programs (Sprogs), chaired their Fundraising Committee and now sits on their Executive Committee as the Leadership Development Liaison. Tyler now works in Kentucky and the Appalachia bioregion to support leaders in KSEC, with Hands Off Appalachia to end mountain-top removal coal mining, with community leaders to stop fossil-fuel infrastructure projects and with numerous grassroots organization across the Bluegrass to hold elected officials accountable. Tyler is also a Wilderness First-Responder that loves wilderness adventure, camping and anything involving swimming!


Christina Novaton
Training Committee Liaison


180 Christina is a proud Latina born and raised in Miami, FL. Currently living in Washington, DC after interning with the SSC for the Spring and Summer semesters. Christina got involved in the youth climate movement after becoming a member of her campus environmental group and attending SSREC (Southeast Students for Renewable Energy Conference) where she realized there were people like herself around the Southeast who were just as passionate and motivated about saving the people, animals and environment as she was. While harnessing all that energy with her new friends all around the South, Christina decided her next step to becoming an active member of the movement was to attend Power Shift 2011, which helped her understand that 10,000+ young people wanted to help shift the power with her. With so much passion for the environment Christina wanted to learn more about becoming an activist and campaign leader, which lead her to the SSC in 2011 attending Southeast Sprog in Alabama After returing from Sprog Christina became the president of her environmental club on her campus, FIU Students for Environmental Action, while also becoming a state leader helping run anti-nuclear and student green energy fund campaigns with her state network Florida Youth Environment and Sustainability Coalition (FL YES). After a year of campaigning Christina returned to the SSC as a Sprog Trainer in 2012 and was elected later that year as one of the Co-Chairs of the SSC's Trainings Committee. In 2013, Christina decided she wasn't done with organizing in the South and applied to direct Southeast Sprog in Brandon, Mississippi with an amazing team of trainers who continue to help the Southeast combat dirty energy and move the youth climate movement forward. Though Christina passionately dedicates much of her life to the youth climate movement she's still able to find a little free time to enjoy watching movies, cooking and of course dancing with her friends and family!